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Graphic Design Trends Infographic

Graphic Design Trends Infographic

Design a stunning infographic that talks about upcoming trends by customizing this Graphic Design Trends infographic from Venngage

Do you need to create an infographic that talks about the latest graphic trends for the incoming year? Are you looking for a customizable infographic that you can easily modify to share with your colleagues? If you are on the lookout for an easy way to create an infographic about graphic design trends, this Graphic Design Trends infographic from Venngage is the solution for you. With a myriad of different shapes, fonts, icons, designs, and visuals, you can craft a unique and professional-looking infographic from scratch, even without design experience. Infographics are great marketing materials that you can use to disseminate information to a large audience. By using visual elements instead of long text paragraphs, infographics can help simplify complex information. Most people use infographics to explain complex data, statistics, or trends. If you are a graphic designer and you want to share the upcoming trends that are about to dominate the upcoming year, you can customize this Graphic Design Trends infographic from Venngage to make the job easier. Even without design or layout experience, Venngage’s drag-and-drop template makes it possible to create a high-quality infographic from scratch. To start customizing this Graphic Design Trends infographic, start with visualizing the information that you want to share. If you want to, you can modify the content and talk about other upcoming trends aside from graphic design. Just make sure that your information is up-to-date and accurate to avoid sharing misinformation with your audience. You can change the different background patterns and color palettes of each page of the infographic to make them look unique and separate from each other. Adding borders to your design is also possible. You can use borders to separate different elements such as texts from the graphic images and icons. Create eye-catchy headlines that attract the attention of your readers by using unique fonts from the Venngage library collection. Venngage has hundreds of different fonts that you can choose from — and you can even request a font that doesn’t exist in Venngage’s collection yet. Don’t forget to add images to make your infographic visually appealing and engaging. If you need access to high-quality, professional, and royalty-free images, Venngage has an integration with Pexels and Pixabay that you can use. Simultaneously, you can also upload your own images to make your infographic more personalized. Since all the different elements in this template are 100% customizable, you can modify the fonts, texts, icons, images, background patterns, and color palettes as you see fit. Finally, don’t forget to use icons to replace complex words and texts. Venngage's collection of over 20,000 unique icons can help you create a visually appealing infographic that is easy to remember and memorize. Use background patterns to create layers of different shapes and designs to make each page of your infographic unique. This can be accomplished by using the drag-and-drop template editor and inserting different backgrounds for each graphic design trend. Crafting an infographic from scratch can be a challenging task, especially for those without design experience. But with the help of Venngage’s Graphic Design Trends infographic, creating a professional-looking infographic is now possible, even for beginners. Try it our today and see for yourself. Template dimensions: Long Form Orientation: Landscape (Single Page) Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, PowerPoint, HTML (for email).