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Wood Yellow Personal Business Card

Make an earthy business card and more by customizing this Wood Yellow Personal Business Card Template

Assemble a simple business card and more with this printable Wood Yellow Personal Business Card Template. Easily integrate a background image, apply a bright color scheme, and insert icons. Whether you're advertising a product design business or marketing services, you can't go wrong with a background image. Upload your own or choose from thousands of amazing images in the Venngage gallery for the perfect one. You can opt for an image that directly relates to your business or pick one that's eye-catching. Next, add a bright color scheme that complements the image and that works with your type of business. There is a plethora of bright colors to choose from for endless design possibilities. You can also use the My Brand Kit to upload your brand colors and logo for a unique touch. Complete the Wood Yellow Personal Business Card Template by applying icons. Icons are great for accenting the content and can be used to visualize your services. Look through the Venngage library for more printable personal business card templates that are ready to customize!