Ultimate Guide To Office Bathroom Etiquette - Venngage Infographic Examples
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Ultimate Guide To Office Bathroom Etiquette Infographic

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Infographic Description

Bathroom rules in the office have always been confusing. With this business infographic, you can inform everyone on proper etiquette. This infographic example from Venngage uses images and satire to discuss bathroom rules without it being too awkward.


Whether you’re creating an HR infographic about office rules or bathroom etiquette, this is the perfect template. It features a classic color palette that’s not too distracting but bright enough to keep the focus on the content.


The background maintains the same color and is offset by a red color in images and text. Keeping the color scheme limited to a few colors makes it easier for readers to follow. The business etiquette template utilizes a modern font and bold all-caps headings and titles.


This technique puts emphasis on specific details while the body content is accented by plain font in text boxes. The use of text boxes and semi-transparent boxes make the text and images pop off the page.


You can also add images or pictures for an eye-catching design. The designer placed the images scattered down the page so that readers have to follow the layout. Integrate these design techniques for all your business infographic ideas!

Infographic Features

  • Classic Color Palette
  • Modern Font
  • Bold Headings
  • Semi-transparent Boxes
  • Illustrated Icons,
  • HR Infographic Examples
  • Business Infographic Examples
Color Palette



720 × 6420px



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