Purple & Blue Gradient Marketing Trifold Brochure Idea
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Purple & Blue Gradient Marketing Trifold Brochure Idea

Brochure Description

Design creative brochure ideas that will impress everyone! This brochure example from Venngage features a minimal design that you can incorporate into any brochure idea. The designer went with a simple look that draws people in with vibrant colors.


The tri-fold brochure example not only uses a bright color palette but a gradient style which gives the piece more character. You’ll also notice that the designer used bold headings and titles to make the reader focus on specific text such as a quote or a service.


As for the body text, it’s all in italics to set it apart from the plain text. This marketing brochure idea also utilizes a modern font for both the headings and body text. You can do this for a minimal design or for branding reasons. Whichever you choose, make sure your headings stand out and the body text is easy to read!


Another great feature to add to your brochure ideas is icons! The designer uses an image on the front page and icons to represent contact information on the back. Use this method whenever you need brochure design inspiration!

Brochure Features

Color Palette



960 × 1570px



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