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Colorful Spring Clothing Sales Flyer Idea

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Flyer Description

Are you searching for unique sales flyer ideas to advertise your company’s sale? This sales flyer example from Venngage is a great template to start with. You can customize this template to be an effective advertising flyer. It features key elements that will make the sales flyer design stand out and draw people in.


The most noticeable design feature is the use of a bright color palette. Who could pass by this flyer without doing a double-take? The colors are so vibrant that it will catch anyone’s attention. It also applies to the bold text and modern font that are within a colored text box.


You’ll note that the main points of the advertising flyer are in a bold or oversized text. In this case, it’s the company name, the type of the event, and the percentage customers can save. This is a great tactic to include in all sales flyer ideas to lure people to your store’s event.


This business flyer design includes background images that fit the theme. The designer opted for bright colored foliage to give the feeling of spring since that’s when the sale takes place. Integrate these techniques for a successful advertising flyer!

Flyer Features

Color Palette



816 x 1056 px



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