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Nike Bounce For Days Product Poster Example

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Poster Description

When it comes to advertising a new product, use this modern poster example for design ideas. It features several elements that are easy to create without having to be a graphic designer.


Start with a photo or product image because people are naturally drawn to pictures. This is a great way to showcase your product especially if you use real photos. For this creative poster example, the designer used a dramatic color palette that’s bold and will immediately capture people’s attention.


Try using modern colors that match your product and that complement the entire poster. You can also include a modern font that’s easy to read and put the focus on important details by adding a bold heading.


This poster example features an innovative typography for the heading that’s unique and gives the sense of movement. Create more product posters with these simple design tips and tricks!

Poster Features

Color Palette



723 × 1,024px


Nike & Bureau Borsche