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Pink Minimalist Birthday Party Event Flyer Idea

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Flyer Description

Are you searching for creative travel flyer ideas? You can’t go wrong with this vibrant travel flyer design. It features a ton of design elements that make the flyer example pop. With the bold color palette and photos, it’s bound to catch people’s attention. Add even more excitement with icons to point out the vacation options too.


You can aksi advertise your travel agency or a specific vacation resort by adding images to the flyer background. Who could resist a tropical paradise or safari expedition?.


The Venngage designer also integrated a transparent overlay over the photos so the text would stand out. They made sure important details were larger and in all caps while the remaining text was in a simple font and sized smaller.


Another great feature that makes the content and icons stand out are the bold colors. It forces the readers’ eye to focus on specific information while the rest of the flyer is offset with subdued black and brown colors.


The designer added a basic call to action on the bottom that directs the reader to contact the business. Did you also notice the telephone number and the website info? You can easily include these in any information poster design.


Take advantage of these design options when you create your own travel flyer ideas!

Flyer Features

  • Realistic Photo
  • Modern Color Palette
  • Elegant Font
  • Fun Design
  • Event Flyer Design
  • Party Flyer Design
  • Birthday Party Flyer Design
  • Marketing Flyer Design
Color Palette



816 x 1056 px



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