Foot Acupressure Points Chart: A Self-Care and Foot Massage Infographic
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Foot Acupressure Points Chart: A Self-Care and Foot Massage Infographic

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Infographic Description

Having trouble designing a health infographic? Whether you’re making a self-care chart or explaining foot pressure points, this template is sure to inspire you. With a few simple design techniques, you can create a professional infographic example in no time.


This acupressure points chart from Venngage features a one column layout that utilizes a diagram as the main focal point. It even uses two colors for the background so it doesn’t distract from the chart. The health infographic also contains images, one being a large foot and smaller images to explain each pressure point.


To make the template stand out, the designer added bold headings and titles and went with a modern font. This will make the self-foot massage chart look like an expert made it. When designing a health infographic, it’s best to choose a professional color palette.


Your template will look like it was taken straight from a doctor’s office when you use these design techniques!

Infographic Features

  • Column Layout
  • Chart/Diagram
  • Modern Font
  • Bold Headings & Titles
  • Professional Color Palette
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  • Education Infographic Examples


Color Palette



1219 × 1489px



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