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Educational Resources
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Help Center

Free Resume Templates for 2024

Written by: Aditya Rana

Apr 25, 2024

free resume templates for 2024

In 2024, the job market is as competitive as ever. Besides layoffs, you also have to worry about the AI effect.

So, how do you get hired today? The answer is simple. You need a a well-designed resume that cuts through the noise and lands you an interview.

Though several methods exist to make a resume, the best strategy is to use a Free Resume Maker or resume templates (they’re easy to download and made by professional designers).

In this post, I’ll cover the best free resume templates in 2024, including popular categories such as minimalist resumes, professional resumes, and more. Let’s begin!


Click to jump ahead:

Simple resume templates

Simple resume templates have a clean layout without complex graphics, photos, or multiple colors to make the content stand out.

This simple resume uses a black-and-white color scheme to ensure a clear presentation, while the sans-serif font gives it a modern look. It’s ideal for job seekers to present their skills in a straightforward format.

Light Marketer Simple Resume

This template uses simple black and grey tones, which gives it a professional and conservative feel and makes it suitable for traditional industries or roles that value straightforwardness.

Gray Growth Marketer Simple Resume

Professional resume templates

Professional resume templates present your career information in a clear and structured format. They’re suitable for applicants in corporate fields like finance, law, or healthcare, where a conservative approach is standard.

This professional resume uses a neutral background with pops of color, while a personal photo and icons give it an interactive feel. This template is excellent for those want to showcase skills and personality.

Character Resume

This professional resume template has a modern and clean design, with a balanced mix of colors and white space to create visual appeal. It uses a dual-column format that separates contact details and references on the left from education, work experience, and skills on the right.

Dark Marketing Consultant Resume

Student resume templates

Student resume templates are for students and new graduates needing more professional experience. They help get internships, part-time jobs, apprenticeships, or entry-level positions.

This student resume template is ideal for students seeking work in creative or technical fields such as computer science or digital design.

Simple Orange Student Resume

This student resume is ideal for students entering the marketing field and shows academic, professional, and extracurricular achievements in a concise format.

Marketing Specialist Student Resume

Scholarship resume templates

Scholarship resume templates help students highlight academic achievements, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, awards, and work experience to scholarship committees.

This scholarship resume template has a layout that highlights essential information like a student’s education, skills, experience, awards, and community service. The inclusion of icons and a photo help personalize the resume, making it ideal for anyone applying for scholarships.

Shaped Scholarship Resume

Babysitter resume templates

Babysitter resume templates focus on childcare experience and certifications so parents can assess candidates to determine trust.

This babysitter resume has a friendly vibe and a soft color palette with playful graphics, adding a warm, child-friendly touch. It’s an excellent option for babysitters who want to highlight their childcare experience and qualifications in a visually appealing format.

Pastel Colour Babysitter Resume

High school resume templates

Ah yes, the joys of finishing high school and creating your first resume! High school resume templates have a specific use case — to help high school students highlight achievements and make a good impression to potential employers or for college applications.

This high school resume balances color and white space, ensuring the content is easily readable against the light background. It’s an excellent choice for students who want to create a clean and contemporary resume.

Brown Minimalist School Resume

This resume has an artistic and warm design and is perfect for students interested in the arts or humanities. Go with this option if you want to highlight individuality and soft skills.

Brown Minimalist High School Resume

College resume templates

Finishing college is exciting and challenging as you enter the real world and begin your professional journey. College resume templates are great for university students applying for entry-level jobs and graduate programs.

This template is well-organized, with distinct sections covering education, contact information, clubs and associations, co-op experience, skills, and references, which makes it easy to scan and an excellent option for tech students.

Yellow Red College Student Resume

This college resume has a modern and stylish design, making it perfect for an educator or any professional seeking an opportunity in creative roles.

Light College Student Resume

Acting resume templates

Acting resume templates are for performers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. They’re mainly used when applying for auditions or casting calls and must demonstrate an actor’s range and versatility.

This acting resume has a monochromatic color scheme and a black-and-white headshot, essential in the acting profession. Icons also visually highlight different skills, such as accents, languages, and other abilities.

Creative Acting Resume

Graphic design resume templates

Graphic design resume templates are visually appealing resumes that enable designers to showcase their professional experience, design skills, and personal brand in an attractive and organized manner.

This graphic design resume template is visually striking and suitable for creative professionals. It features a bold color scheme with prominent use of pink and blue, which grabs attention. Infographics and icons are also used to represent experience in different software.

Black and Blue Graphic Design Resume

Modern resume templates

Modern resume templates follow the latest resume design trends and feature clean lines and minimalistic aesthetics. They’re an excellent option for applicants who want to project an up-to-date image to potential employers.

This modern resume separates information into key sections and uses a neutral color palette, with shades of blue to convey professionalism.

Blue & White Resume Modern

Photo resume templates

Photo resume templates are popular in fields where personal appearance can influence hiring, such as acting, modeling, or customer-facing roles in sales and hospitality.

This resume template is ideal for photographers as it has a minimalistic design with plenty of whitespace to create a clean, uncluttered look. It also uses a two-column layout to separate contact information and a personal statement on the right from work experience and education on the left, allowing easy reading.

Black And White Simple Clean Minimal Street Photographer Resume

This template is a minimalist design with a single-column layout suited for creative professionals like photographers and journalists. The color scheme is restrained, with a blend of light blues and greys against a white background, creating a clean and uncluttered look.

Photography Resume

Creative resume templates

Creative resume templates are designed to stand out and are perfect for professionals in industries that value originality and design thinking, such as graphic design, advertising, fashion, and the arts.

This creative resume is a great option for professionals in fields such as marketing or design where visual impact and personality are important. It also balances personal branding with professional information effectively.

White And Cream Simple Creative Resume

Teacher resume templates

Teacher resume templates showcase candidates’ ability to instruct, manage a classroom, and contribute to curriculum development and school administration.

This template uses a dark tone for the left block, providing a high contrast that is easy on the eyes and an excellent way for teachers to emphasize qualifications, expertise, and experience.

Navy And White Modern Clean English Teacher Resume

This resume has a clean design and features a combination of icons and text that delineates different sections. It’s a great option for educators or academics who wish to present their information in a concise and easy-to-follow manner.

Black And White Clean Elegant English Teacher Resume

Corporate resume templates

Corporate resume templates have a formal aesthetic that appeals to recruiters. They are used by individuals seeking opportunities in finance, management, consulting, or any corporate sector that values straightforward professionalism.

This resume has a two-column design for tech professionals like full-stack developers. Bold turquoise accents combined with a dark gray header make sections like the applicant’s name and professional title stand out.


This resume uses a bold typographic style to create a strong visual focal point and incorporates a vibrant red for titles and key skills to emphasize important information. The serif font for headings coupled with the sans-serif for body text also creates a nice blend of classic and modern aesthetics.

Corporate Resume [A4]

Infographic resume templates

Infographic resume templates use graphics and illustrations to display resume content. They’re perfect for professions where creative skills and design thinking are valued or for job seekers looking to stand out in a competitive market.

This template is perfect for professionals who want to demonstrate their creativity, digital savvy, and professional expertise. It includes a prominent header for the candidate’s name and title and a captivating graphic background that draws attention.

Infographic Purple Resume

This template uses a striking mix of colors, with playful elements like stars and graphics to enhance visual appeal. This template is a great choice for creative professionals such as graphic designers.

Black Neon Colorful Infographic Resume

Academic resume templates

Academic resume templates highlight educational achievements, research, publications, and teaching experience. They’re used by students, educators, researchers, and anyone in the academic or scientific field.

This resume template has a bold and contemporary color scheme of gray and yellow, intended to catch the eye and stand out from traditional resumes. This resume is suitable for students or recent grads with marketing backgrounds as it highlights relevant coursework and internships prominently.


This template features a split-design layout with a nature-inspired color palette of greens and earth tones that provide a calm, yet distinctive backdrop. On the left side, information like education, skills, and contact details is arranged, while the right side is dedicated to a introduction, relevant coursework, and experience.

Green Floral College Resume

Colorful resume templates

Colorful resume templates use vibrant colors and creative design to make a resume stand out. They feature color blocks, unique fonts, and graphical elements like charts or icons.

This resume uses sans-serif fonts to ensure readability while maintaining a colorful and modern look. Progress bars for skills also allow you to summarize your capabilities.

Colorful Resume

This resume has a muted color scheme with orange accents, which draws attention without being overwhelming. It features sans-serif fonts that give it a contemporary vibe, and skill levels are visually indicated with horizontal bars.

Colorful College Student Resume

Tech resume templates

Tech resume templates are industry-specific and focus on highlighting skills, experience, and educational background of individuals. These resumes prioritize clarity and functionality over excessive design elements to ensure that technical qualifications stand out.

This tech resume uses a modern sans-serif font for clean readability. Expertise and languages are represented visually with star ratings, which also visually represent proficiency levels.


This resume features a single-column layout with rounded sections that soften the design and make it inviting. A bright color palette, including pinks and oranges, gives the resume a professional look, making it the perfect design for the tech industry.

Colorful UI/UX Tech Resume

How to customize resume templates on Venngage

Do you like the resume templates in this post and want to customize one with your details? The good news is that it doesn’t require much time or design skills.

Venngage provides a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to swap content in resume templates, adjust fonts and colors, and add icons to showcase your skills.

Three steps to edit a Venngage template

Step 1 – Sign up for a FREE Venngage account

Sign up for a free Venngage account using your email, Gmail, or Facebook account.

venngage sign up

Step 2 – Select a resume from our resume templates page

On our templates page, look for resume templates on the left. Our templates are organized by theme, such as simple resumesstudent resumescollege resumes, and more, to help you find the perfect starting point for your application.

resume templates venngage

Step 3 – Edit our resume templates

Once you find a resume template to edit, click the Create button (you’ll need to sign in or sign up if you haven’t already).

create resume

Once signed in, you’ll get access to our editor tool to customize the resume.

resume in venngage editor

Here are some things you can do with resume templates in Venngage.

  • Change the text, icons, layout, or graphics within the template.
  • Add your brand colors (or your favorite color scheme) to your resume with a single click using My Brand Kit (available only for Business users).

Here are some tips to keep in mind to speed up the resume creation process in Venngage.

  • Pre-fill information in a separate document for easy copy-pasting into Venngage.
  • Use tools like Grammarly to proofread and check your resume content for errors.
  • Customize each resume to highlight the skills and experience relevant to the job or opportunity you’re applying for.
  • Use action verbs like managed or spearheaded. When possible, quantify your results to showcase value.
  • If you edit resume layouts, follow sound design principles — clear fonts, consistent formatting, and adequate white space.

How to download a Venngage resume template for offline use

Need to work on your resume while offline? No problem!

Venngage lets you download resume templates (Business plan only) as a PDF or PPT to edit the content, add elements, and customize the design to fit your needs.

resume template download

Conclusion: Get your dream job by using Venngage to create a resume that stands out

Free resume templates are a great way to create effective resumes fast. What can you do with that extra time? Well, why not double-check and proofread your resume to make sure it’s error-free?

Also, remember to keep your resume updated as you gain new experiences and skills to maintain its effectiveness. So, what are you waiting for? Customize a Venngage resume template today.

About Aditya Rana

Adi is a word slinger and loves to fiddle around with SaaS. When not living online, you'll find him outside in nature with a book.