6 Cat Infographics In Honor of National Cat Day

By Sara McGuire, Oct 29, 2015

It’s National Cat Day, the most purrrrrfect day of the year!

The USA own approximately 74 – 96 million cats…and you probably already know that people who like cats tend to really like cats. Cat people have been known to whip out cat facts at parties (yeah, I’m one of THOSE people), along with a steady and endless stream of pictures of their own cats (“Oh, you just got here? Great, we have lots of time to go through the October album.”).

miss misty

(My cat.)

If you happen to be the guardian of one or three or ten of these adorable furry weirdos, you’ll be sure to enjoy these cat infographics.

1. Do you have a popular cat? Or are your interests more niche?


2. Need to brush up on your cat facts?

cats facts


3. Cats have healing powers. It’s true. There’s science to back it up.



4. If your cat looks like Pusheen, it might be time to help them make a lifestyle change.


5. If cats could speak…



6. How should you approach a cat on the street?

stray cats


(Cat)ch you later!

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