Charlie's Creative Product Poster Example - Venngage Poster Examples
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Charlie’s Creative Product Poster Example

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Poster Descriptions

Quench people’s thirst for a product by using these creative poster examples for ideas! Both poster examples feature a bold and dramatic color palette that’s sure to captivate readers. People are naturally drawn to vibrant colors, so don’t hesitate to use them if they fit your marketing posters.


These poster examples also use a background photo of fruit that reflects what the product is about which is great for marketing. The designer also added an illustration of a bottle outline to show readers what the product is all about.


What sets these marketing poster examples apart from others is the variety of hand-written font and the addition of a banner for the call to action. Explore what you can do with creative posters by using these design methods!

Poster Features



Color Palette



357px × 514 px