- CHAPTERS 3 & 4 -

Infographics For Beginners: 

The Ultimate Guide

Infographic Fundamentals

Chapter 3

Infographic Case Studies

Chapter 4

How Lease Ref Used Infographics 

To Make Boring Blog Topics Engaging

Not every business sells an exciting product or service. Some topics are just kind of...well...boring by nature. 

That was the problem that Carrie Wood, VP of Marketing at Lease Ref, faced when they first launched their site. 

Lease Ref is the world’s only online commercial lease review company. They offer commercial lease reviews for a one time fee, and at a fraction of the cost of a real estate lawyer.

Their blog offers guides and tips for contract negotiation, site selection, small business advice, and working with brokers and landlords. Carrie wanted to engage readers so they would get the important information their blog offers.

Carrie noticed that their competitors’ blog posts were just long blocks of text. No visuals, no hooks, nothing to grab readers’ attention. 

She saw an opportunity to set Lease Ref apart from their competitors. Just because commercial real estate can be dry didn’t mean their blog content had to be.

Carrie decided to use infographics, charts, social media graphics and custom blog headers to make her blog posts more engaging and innovative. 

The only problem?

When you’re running a small business, you often don’t have the budget to hire a graphic designer to make infographics and other small visuals. 

While she had 17 years of forensic accounting focusing on commercial real estate behind her, Carrie had no design experience.  

But she found that by using infographic design templates, she was able to create fun and engaging infographics, charts, and social media images. 

Take this blog post she wrote about why companies do the worst office lease renewals

Throughout the article, Carrie uses charts and diagrams to break up the text, illustrate points, and keep readers engaged.

Not only are the charts and diagrams interesting to look at, they also make the information easier to understand. 

Carrie knew that realistically, most people are more likely to skim an article than read through the entire thing. 

That’s why she often includes infographics summarizing the information at the end of the blog post. If readers skim through a blog post, at least they will read the information in the infographic.

Here’s the infographic she included at the end of the same blog post:

The results?

Lease Ref’s blog posts are far more engaging and innovative than their competitors. 

Their blog has personality, which helps them gain the trust of prospective clients. In the commercial real estate business, gaining client trust is essential.

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