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In this handbook, we're sharing 10+ lessons on aligning teams from leaders at Google, Nvidia, Vimeo, Venngage, Wrike, Mutiny, and Pantheon.

Here's what you'll learn:

Team Alignment

Core Tenets of Alignment

Communicating Alignment

Tactical insights into how the top leaders at Google, Vimeo, Nvidia, Pantheon, etc align their teams.

Learn about the core components that go into aligning teams that achieve exceptional outcomes.

Actionable strategies, resources, and tools you can use to start aligning your teams today! 

We interviewed 7 growth leaders. Here's what they said:

Alignment is constant.

"My calendar is slammed but I need to have

these conversations."

- Ari Capo, Director of Marketing @ Nvidia

Speed above all else.

"In winning marketing teams, speed is the

most important factor."

- Jaleh Rezaei, Founder @ MutinyHQ

Don't create an org chat.

"Create a team narrative. That's the human-centric model of goal setting."

- Melissa Matlins, VP Marketing, B2B @ Vimeo

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