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Infographics aren’t as expensive as you think - when you choose the right solution.

Why Invest in Infographics Today?

Infographics are functional, accessible and engaging pieces of content. They help us inform, engage and persuade our audiences across industries and channels.  

Did you know that people tend to remember only 10% of what they hear after three days, but a relevant visual accompanied that information pushes the retention rate to 65%?

Our audiences are presented with and expected to understand more information than ever before. Infographics helps to make complex content easier to process, digest and retain in a very noisy, busy world. 

Who uses infographics today?

Infographics have proved to be an absolutely valuable solution to our clients as infographics help them increase website traffic, establish their brand and reputation, find a new revenue stream, or save a ton of money by not investing in unnecessary design services.

Small businesses can use infographics as a highly-impactful content marketing strategy. Christian Carere presents a case study on how to do that.

Dr. Amanda Sterk educates her audience using infographics, saved $100k in design fees and earns $30k+ in side income through content created using Venngage.

LISG doubled their revenue by providing an added value to clients, and established themselves as a recognizable, reputable brand that’s leading the industry.

How Much Infographics Cost Today

The cost of infographics can vary depending on how many infographics you want to create and how you’ll create them. Will you hire a freelance designer, hire a full-time in-house designer, hire an agency - or use an online infographic maker like Venngage? 

Bringing together the market-rate averages for each of the four options, our calculator provides you with cost estimates for infographic design today. Try it out! 

Using 2021 market-rate averages for design agencies, in-house designer salaries, freelance designer rates, and a Venngage subscription, we created this calculator. It's a clear way to show you how much you can truly accomplish with a modest budget and the right solution.

There are different Venngage subscriptions for infographic design. You can take our simple quiz to decide which subscription meets your needs best! 

Which Online Infographic Maker is Best for Me?

Every online infographic maker is made with different audiences and needs in mind. We’ve compared Venngage to some other popular infographic maker options to help you decide which solution is best for you. 

Venngage vs. Visme

What are the differences between Venngage Infographic-Maker and Visme? We provide an overview of both solutions here. 

What are the differences between Venngage Infographic Maker and Canva? Who is each solution ideal for? Check out the overview here.

Many professionals struggle to use PowerPoint to create infographics. They could just use Venngage and export to PPT. Here's how. 

Types of Infographics You Can Design Right Now

Timeline Infographics

Process Infographics

Comparison Infographics

Timeline infographics help visualize the history of something, highlight important dates, or provide an overview of events.

A process infographic is the best infographic for providing a summary or overview of the steps in a process. It works for onboarding, job aids, process guides and more,

Comparison infographics help you to easily compare objects, concepts, products, ideas and plenty more.

List Infographics

Statistical Infographics

List infographics are straightforward. They are a great, visually-engaging option for sharing a collection of tips, resources, or examples.  

Statistical infographics are a great data-storytelling tool. They visualize statistics, data, and other information to provide the numbers behind any topic.

How to easily make an amazing infographic

Start by choosing a Venngage subscription that meets your needs. Each subscription includes its set of functional and powerful tools to make designing an infographic easy.


Then visit the infographic templates page to search for the perfect infographic template to customize. 


Use our drag and drop editor to add your content, visualize data, include icons and more. Customize the template design in minutes for a unique, engaging infographic. 



Download your infographic as a PNG or PDF, or use a private link to share it directly with your team.

Frequently Asked Questions on Infographic Costs

How much do infographic designs cost, really? 

The cost of an infographic can range from $19 to $7000 USD, believe it or not. It really depends on how you choose to get it designed. Today there are many online infographic solutions perfect for creating beautiful, professional infographics and cost as little as $20-$50 a month (for unlimited infographic designs). 

How much time does it take to make an infographic?

When you rely on a freelancer, designer or agency, you can expect an infographic design to take 2-4 weeks or more. If you use an online infographic template and design the infographic yourself, it might take a few hours to a few days. 

Is Venngage Infographic Maker free to use?

Venngage Infographic Maker is absolutely free to use. Once you’ve signed up for a Venngage account, you can select and customize a number of infographic templates. But if you want access to more powerful and professional design features, like real-time collaboration or high-quality business icons, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription. 


“Vennage is very easy to use and has so many available options to spruce up your data visualizations in a beautiful way. I tested out multiple platforms prior to Venngage and I like this platform the best for the reasons listed.” 

Misti Allison, Product Marketing Manager

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