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Infographic Templates

Make your own infographics and communicate in a catch your eye format. Explore our selection of 10,000+ infographic templates created by a team of professional information designers.

Get started with a free infographic template

Whether you’re creating a business model, statistical report or step-by-step guide, find the perfect starting point from our range of free infographic templates.

All of our infographic templates come preloaded with relevant content, so you’re never stuck staring at a blank canvas. That means it’s easy to get started and modify a template until it’s just like that picture you had in your head.

Create infographics, reports, maps and more

With Venngage’s selection of over 10,000 professionally designed templates, anyone can create an infographic in under an hour.

Simply choose an infographic template that catches your eye and customize it to suit your needs with our user-friendly, drag-and-drop editor. Come back weekly to explore new templates and find what you need, every time.

Can you make an infographic for free with Venngage?

Venngage offers many free infographic templates, in addition to paid options. How can you tell which is which?

Infographic templates labeled “Premium” or “Business” require a small subscription, while those without these labels are free to use. Many of our icons, images and data visualizations are also available for free.

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