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Software Change Management Plan Template

Software Change Management Plan Template

Take control of major changes by customizing this Software Change Management Plan Template.

A Software Change Management Plan Template is the perfect way to start your own change management plan. This template design anticipates the sections a typical change management plan requires, pairs it all with great design, and makes it easy for you to replicate the design for additional sections. Showcase your expertise as a change management pro. Customize this template to present your change management plan for new software, processes, structures and so much more. Not a designer? No sweat! Venngage’s change management templates are designed by professional designers to already look great. All you need to do is add your information and a few changes to personalize it. Non-designers can customize a Venngage template in minutes to create their own professional assets with ease. To kick off your design, click create. You’ll be taken to the editor where all the magic happens! From here you can change color palettes, add new icons and illustrations, add new content, duplicate pages and more. A user-friendly layout will make customizing this template the easiest thing you’ve done today. You can choose to keep the template’s color palette, or change the colors of the different objects in the design. You can also set up My Brand Kit to incorporate your own brand colors. This lets you apply your brand colors to each page with a click, changing the colors of each element accordingly. You can try out a number of different combinations until you find something that works for you. Venngage also has a tremendous amount of icons for you to use when customizing a template. Our icon library of over 25K icons includes vivid illustrations, diverse people icons, flat icons, and line icons that are perfect for any emotions or themes you want to focus on. You can even combine icons to create new icons or visuals that are unique to your design. Of course, you’ll want to add details specific to your organization and vision for changes. You can add new text, new pages, and new layouts with ease. Click into any text box to copy over your original content. You can also duplicate pages to continue each section or switch the layouts throughout the design to keep things dynamic and flowing. With that, you’re pretty much done with your design and ready to share it. Template dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches (Standard Letter Size) (Portrait Orientation) This template already comes in standard letter size that any printer can manage. If you do plan on distributing physical copies, be sure to apply a print bleed so that you know exactly where your margins for printing are. This way nothing gets cut off unexpectedly. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF Venngage’s letter-sized templates like this Software Change Management Plan Template are ideal for downloading and distributing as PDFs. You can download them as simple PDFs or Interactive PDFs for clickable hyperlinks. Interactive PDFs allow you to link out to additional resources that might be relevant to your audience. You can even export this design as a set of images, as PNG or HD PNG files.