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Generic Employee Handbook

Generic Employee Handbook

Educate employees about the mission, vision, and values of your company. Start by editing and customizing this generic employee handbook today.

Establishing the foundation of a strong and loyal workforce starts by reinforcing your organization's mission, vision, and values. By educating employees about your company’s culture, you can teach them how to be part of the organization’s success. This generic employee handbook template from Venngage can help you get started in the right direction. Whether you own a big corporation or a small business, a generic employee handbook works wonders for instilling the correct values in your employees. During the first few weeks of your employees’ tenure, you must show them the importance of playing their roles in the organization's success. An employee handbook can explain these concepts without pressuring your employees and forcing them to listen to you. By allowing your employees to read the employee handbook in their own time and space, you encourage them to retain the information better. So what should be the content of an employee handbook? You can start by breaking down the company policies, vision, goals, dos and don’ts, and other vital information. You can create a sense of loyalty

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