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Music Flyer Template

New Release Music Flyer

Market new releases effectively with our completely customizable product flyer templates.

Create the right kind of hype. With this new release music flyer template, a simple but versatile template, you can create all the excitement you need. Whether it's for a music release, a short film, artwork and more, this template gets it done. The perfect stock photo, or a high-quality photo you've taken serves as the perfect background. If you need a stock photo, you can access our extensive stock-photo library. Just click the images tab and enter your search terms. You can also upload your own images by clicking the upload tab and finding the file on your device. Using abstract images that are primarily one color is optimal. If you upload actual photos of people, cityscapes and other things out in the world, you get a very busy background. Your risk drowning out your message and resorting to design hacks like overlays to draw out your font again. But this new release music flyer template is ideal for simple and sweet content. The added benefit of using abstract, monochromatic images is the emotional impact they have. Without a subject to create a real focal point, your abstract background image draws out an emotional response. Then you're left with creating a message that jumps out at your audience. You need nothing but the essentials: who, what and when or where. The template is super minimal, you should be too. Leaving information out is sometimes a great way to create excitement and build anticipation for a product. Just remember to use a bold, large font for your header; an equally bold, slightly smaller font for other details. Also, stick to one or two fonts max. When you have finished your design, let us know how it went! Share your Venngage design experience, we always want to hear from our users.