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Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning

Plan real-world projects for your students so they develop critical thinking skills by customizing this project based learning template.

We should always expect technology to change. With this flux, the job market is becoming more competitive, and it is critical more than ever for students to learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Project based learning (PBL) is a teaching approach that helps students develop these skills by engaging them in real-world projects. PBL allows students to apply what they learn to a live situation. For example, suppose they are learning about the American Revolution in history class. In that case, they might be assigned a project where they have to create a presentation on how the revolution has impacted American society today. This project would help students learn about the American Revolution and how to research and present information effectively. Another benefit of PBL is that it encourages collaboration among students. Students must communicate and cooperate to succeed when they embark on a project together. PBL can also help students develop other vital skills, such as creativity and critical thinking. By giving students the freedom and the agency to decide on their project

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