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We Collected 11 Million Social Media Mentions Infographic

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Infographic Description

Looking for ways to make your social media infographics interesting? This infographic example from Venngage is fun to read and catches people’s attention. Incorporate the same design techniques when you create a social media infographic!


Start with an analogous color scheme especially if it fits your branding! This template utilizes various shades of blue to keep the design entertaining. It also uses icons to grab the reader and break up the content.


To change up the text appearance, try adding semi-transparent boxes, shapes, and text boxes. The marketing infographic is easier to read when the text is placed into sections or shapes.


You’ll notice that the designer used large headings and modern font. When it comes to important information, they used bold text within the body so the list infographic stands out.


Use these features to customize eye-catching social media infographics!

Infographic Features

Color Palette



900 × 2600px



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