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Save Time with Venngage's Easy-To-Use Visual Sitemap Generator


Create professional sitemaps quickly with our insanely simple drag-and-drop sitemap generator.

Impress clients with creative visual sitemaps you can make yourself.

Explaining a new website structure to a client can be tough.

Most people are visual learners, so a visual sitemap can help stakeholders understand a new site structure at a glance.

Venngage's online sitemap generator lets you pick from free and paid professional templates, then customize them to your liking using our intuitive editor.

Our drag and drop tool has a simple interface that's fun to use and easy to understand.

No design experience needed. We've made it simple to create professional sitemaps that impress.

Create your own visual sitemap in 5 steps:

  1. Sign up for Venngage using your email, Gmail or Facebook account. It's free.
  2. Choose a free or paid sitemap template.
  3. You'll enter Venngage's sitemap generator. Click to edit the text.
  4. Add your logo and branding. Add or delete sections as needed.
  5. Email or share your sitemap within the editor. Or upgrade to download it.

Why Venngage is the best tool to create visual sitemaps:

Creative templates

Our professional designers have created unique sitemap templates you won't see anywhere else.

Super intuitive smart editor

Drag and drop to add new elements, text, colors and icons or photos. Flexible and simple.

Add your branding with one click

Our sitemap generator imports your brand colors and logo from your website. Apply them to your sitemap with one click.

Easy to share

Email the sitemap to a client or colleague within the sitemap generator tool.

It's easy to get started with our dedicated visual sitemap templates

Don't waste time creating a visual sitemap from scratch. Our professional designers have already done the work for you.

Pick one of our dedicated sitemap templates. Different templates have different site structures and color schemes, so choose the one you like best.

From there, our online sitemap generator tool has many one-click and drag and drop features. Edit the fonts, add new text boxes, apply a new color scheme with one click and more.

Flexible and simple to understand, Venngage's sitemap generator makes it easy to create visual sitemaps right away.

Create sitemaps in minutes with smart diagrams editor

Venngage's smart diagrams make sitemap design a breeze.

You can easily add, edit, drag or delete text and branches in one click, and your sitemap will automatically scale accordingly.

No need to edit and resize every single text box or arrow to your content. We'll do that—and you have time to focus on creating the best sitemap for your website.

Collaborate with your entire team

Save time and effort designing with Venngage's real-time collaboration.

It's easy for everyone on your team to jump in, collaborate, work on a design and give each other feedback, all on a single design dashboard.

Our easy sitemap generator transforms design and collaboration into a seamless experience, for anyone on the team, no matter the design skills.

Get in-editor 24/7 chat support

Stuck on how to print your sitemap or change a color? Click the chat icon within our editor and get live support right away.

Venngage's friendly customer service staff are always on call to answer your questions and help you design the best possible sitemap.

Upgrade to a monthly or yearly Business Plan to get 1-on-1 consultations and phone support.

Download or share your sitemap in one click

You can share a public link for free after finishing your design.

Once you've upgraded to a paid plan, you can invite your team members to edit and provide feedback.

You can also download your sitemap in PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF or PowerPoint format that can be added to PowerPoint, Google Slides, Word, Google Docs and other document editing tools.

Sitemap generator FAQ

Is Venngage free to use?

It's free to make a Venngage account and create up to five sitemaps. Some of our templates are free to use, some are paid.

What do I get with a paid Venngage account?

Upgrade your free account to use our stunning Premium or Business templates and access features like one-click branding, unlimited designs and 1-on-1 consultations.

Can I share or print out my visual sitemap?

It's free to email or share your sitemap online. There's a small monthly fee required to download your sitemap as a PDF or PNG file and print it.

Sign up for Venngage and start creating professional sitemaps right now