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Choose the Perfect Data Visualization

Pick from hundreds of charts, maps and icons.

  • Import data directly from your spreadsheets into the following chart styles
    • Line Chart
    • Smooth Line Chart
    • Area Line Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Bar Chart
    • Multi-Column Bar Chart
    • Stacked Bar Chart
    • Scatter Plot Chart
    • Bubble Chart
    • Stacked Bubble Chart
    • Multi-Series Chart
    • Summary Stats
  • Thousands of icons, pictograms and illustrations
  • Upload your own images from your computer or the web

Customizable Infographic Templates and Themes

Select infographic designs to suit your specific needs

  • Hundreds of beautiful templates, with new ones added weekly
  • Personalizable colors, sizes, styles
  • Dynamic and engaging data visualizations

Easy Drag and Drop

The easiest way to create beautiful infographics

  • Pull widgets directly onto your canvas
  • Lock and group widgets into place
  • Adjust widget size, color, and orientation

Free-Form Design Canvas

Customize templates or create your own graphics from scratch

  • Move objects around without area restriction
  • Snap to grid for automatic alignment and completely free adjustment

Share Seamlessly on Social Media

Publish, embed and download are just a click away

  • Privately share your infographic with anyone
  • Embed and link your infographics on your blog or website
  • Download your infographics as images or PDFs