Here’s what you need to know before you pitch an article.

So you want to write for Venngage? You came to the right place.

Write For Venngage

**We are not accepting guest posts at the moment.**

The Topic

Our blog is a resource for visual content design guides, insights and inspiration.

The types of articles we publish are:

Step-by-step guides for new and novice designers looking to create their own awesome visuals, and looking tips for how to best use those visuals.

Example: How to Create a Timeline Infographic in 6 Easy Steps

Case studies about using visual content, design approaches and tools, visual content strategies, and fields that use visual content.

Example: Instagram For Business: 9 Tips From the Tourism Industry

Original research based on studies, polls, research by other experts, and academia, that examines visual content in some way, or that uses data visualizations.

Example: 10 Visual Content Marketing Statistics to Know for 2017

Actionable opinion pieces by experts in the fields of content marketing, design, business, and education.

Example: 26 Headliners on How to Connect with Influencers at a Conference [Infographic]

Your content must be 1500-3000 words long. We like our articles to have meat to them. If you have a lot of great information, feel free to make it a bit longer. That being said, aim to keep your paragraphs short and digestible...think 1-3 sentences long.

Your content must be original content. No republishing your article on other sites, please.

You content must be actionable. Someone should be able easily understand the information in your article and be able to apply it themselves. To make your content actionable, use instructive headers (H2) and subheaders (H3), numbered steps, and bolded keywords. 

Your content must be well-written. Proofread your work before submitting it to us and make sure that it's free of any glaring grammar and spelling errors. Avoid using lazy words like "pretty," "interesting," "much," "bunch," "thing," "very," and "actually." 

Your content must include images. Venngage is a graphic design tool, after all! Please include high quality images. Memes and gifs are fine, as long as they’re tasteful. Charts and helpful screenshots are encouraged. For charts you make, why not use Beam or Venngage to create them? 

Your content must include sources. If you have included statistics, quotes, or images from other sources, please clearly indicate what those sources are. 

Your content must include relevant links. Relevant links to external sources and influencers will make your article more robust and will provide more opportunities for us to promote your article to those sites. 

You may include links to other articles on the Venngage blog. In fact, we encourage it! :) 

Do not ham-fistedly promo yourself or us. Mentioning Venngage or your own company/projects in context is cool. But too many links to your own site, Amazon affiliate links, etc. will be removed.

Do not include affiliate links. Please.

We like thoughtful, actionable, and well-researched articles. Please follow these guidelines when writing your article:

The Content

Pitch an idea. Please send your pitch to Sara McGuire at sara@venngage.comYour pitch should include a working title and the major points you are going to cover in point form. If you are having trouble coming up with a topic to write about, feel free to choose one from our list of available topics, here

Submit a draft. If we like your pitch, we will ask you to send us a draft of your article. Please send your draft in a Google Doc and provide full editing privileges. 

Provide a 180-or-so character author bio. We allow writers to include one link in their bio, so use it well! 

Wait for edits. Sara McGuire or Nadya Khoja will get back to you with edits ASAP. This might take a couple of weeks, depending on our content calendar.

Please make your edits within the requested timeframe. We usually ask that you complete your edits within 1-2 weeks.

Promote your content. We will let you know when your content is live on our blog. We ask that you please promote it to your own audience. Once your article has received at least 500 views, we will be happy to promote it to our audience of over 600,000 subscribers.

The Process