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Create Timeline Templates for Free

Visualize milestones with a project timeline template. Create monthly timelines for free with Venngage templates and improve project efficiency.

Over 40,000 businesses use and trust Venngage to make professional timeline templates.

Get started with our free timeline templates

Project Timeline Template Examples

Business Timeline Template Examples

Timeline Template Examples for Nonprofits

Event Timeline Template Examples

Marketing Timeline Template Examples

Why create a timeline template?

A timeline template has many uses across industries. Timelines are used in project planning, event management, and business and marketing. A visual timeline can share more information at a glance than blocks of text. Here are some specific uses for a timeline template.

  • Project managers can use timelines to plan numerous events. A timeline template is an essential tool to track and analyze milestones achieved in the project. This ensures that project teams are always aligned.
  • Businesses can create a history timeline template to chart the growth of the company. A PowerPoint timeline template can be used to encourage clients and partners during presentations to invest in the business.
  • Nonprofits can use a roadmap PowerPoint timeline template for fundraising. Visualize fundraising efforts for donors and the board of trustees. Using a creative timeline format, a nonprofit can effectively display its successes and make a case for more funding.

Create free timeline templates with a convenient design solution like Venngage. Learn about creating timelines, what elements and visuals they should include, and how to customize a Venngage timeline template for your business purposes.

What should a timeline template include?


A timeline template is a visual way of showing the passage of time. It can include text, diagrams, and visual elements such as images and icons. Customize a Venngage timeline template to visualize important activities or events chronologically.


A project timeline template should have a header with a title describing what the project or event is. Dates and times are crucial elements of a timeline. Short headers, descriptions and icons will help users follow the tasks and activities in the timeline. Charts can be used to visualize timeline data.



The body of the timeline template contains the bulk of the information. This could be data visualizations like charts, graphs, and maps, along with text, diagrams, images, and icons. You can also add shapes and directional arrows to move the eye down the graphic.


A business timeline template should include a footer with your brand logo, website, and contact details to facilitate better project and event planning.

A timeline template includes visual elements but will require descriptive text headers to be fully understood. The aim is to make the information bite-sized and easily digestible. Users should be able to follow the flow of time and identify milestones at a glance.


How do you build a roadmap PowerPoint template for free?

You can customize a PowerPoint timeline or a timeline Excel template for free. Or build a blank timeline template from scratch. Remember to keep it visual so the timeline is easier to follow. Here are a few general guidelines for designing a timeline template that is easy to follow and helps your project team stay aligned.

  • Make an outline for the timeline template. A timeline needs to include timestamps, either dates, days, weeks, or months, to convey the scope of the project or event. You should also add descriptions and headers for each point in a marketing or history timeline template.
  • Choose a timeline template layout. You may need to design a horizontal or vertical timeline template based on the information you want to share. A vertical timeline is better when you don't have too much text. A horizontal timeline template has more room for text.
  • Add embellishments to the timeline. Colors, fonts, shapes, icons, and images make a free PowerPoint timeline template attractive and easier to understand.

How do you create a timeline template with Venngage?

Download your timeline in various formats, including simple PNG, HD PNG, PDF, and Interactive PDF. You can also download your timeline template for PowerPoint with a Venngage business account.

You don't have to start with a blank timeline template. With Venngage's library of templates, you can easily design a project or event timeline. Sign up for an account and start customizing a timeline template.

Pick a free timeline template from the library and modify it in the drag-and-drop editor. You can easily swap out text, images, icons, and update or add charts for your specific project or business needs.

Venngage offers a variety of font styles, free stock photos, image uploads, numerous chart and graph options, as well as over 40,000 icons so you can create a comprehensive timeline template that converts casual viewers into loyal customers.

What type of timeline template does Venngage offer?

You can create numerous types of timelines with Venngage's templates, which include these categories:

Project timeline template

Business timeline template

Keep the project team and clients aligned with a project timeline. Document tasks, activities, and deadlines to remain on schedule.

Improve investor presentations with a visual business plan. Make the timeline template your own with Venngage's My Brand Kit feature.

Nonprofit timeline template

Event timeline template

Organize the fundraising process with a nonprofit timeline. Impress your donors by visually summarizing your successes.

Event planning doesn't have to be overwhelming. Use an event timeline template to plan the event with organizers and suppliers

Marketing timeline template

Simple timeline template

Venngage timelines are perfect for visualizing marketing campaigns, customer journeys, and virtual events for the marketing team.

Visualize complex processes or complicated projects with a simple timeline template. Add dates, colors, and icons to make it readable.

Historical timeline template

Construction timeline template

Track the progress of construction on a project timeline template. Add shapes, dates, and colors to make the timeline easier to follow.

Share the history of your brand, industry, or major world events with a history timeline. Easy to share on social media or in an email.

Communication timeline

Align your staff on business goals with internal communication timelines. Share monthly or yearly timelines so nobody misses a deadline.

With Venngage’s customizable timeline templates, branding options, free photos, and icons, companies can create impactful timelines that help project teams remain on schedule.

FAQs about creating a timeline template

Can you make a timeline PowerPoint template in Venngage?

To create impactful timelines, sign up with Venngage for a free account. It only takes a few minutes. Choose a template from Venngage’s extensive library and customize the design for your needs.

Easily add or swap out elements like text, images, charts, and icons in the Venngage editor and make the timeline completely your own. Share the completed timeline online or on social media. Upgrade to a Business plan to download your timeline as a high-definition PNG, PDF, or PowerPoint presentation.

What is the best program for building a timeline template?

There are numerous tools to create timelines, but for ease of design and usability, look no further than Venngage. Offering pre-designed templates that can be customized within minutes, Venngage also includes a library of diverse stock photos and people icons.

Venngage’s My Brand Kit feature gives companies the option to add their logos, colors, and fonts to all designs with a single click of a button. With Venngage for Business, brands can also access additional features such as live team collaboration and 24/7 priority support.

Do Microsoft PowerPoint and Word have a timeline template?

Both PowerPoint and Word offer limited timeline template options. For more design opportunities, it is better to use a dedicated design solution like Venngage. Microsoft requires users to manually design their graphics by drawing shapes and text boxes. The icon options are also limited.

With Venngage, you can create Word and PowerPoint timeline templates for free. The customizable templates can be edited in minutes to tell visualize your project. Pick one of the 40,000 icons and illustrations, as well as charts and graphs to make the timeline easier to understand. Venngage is the ideal free tool for creating timelines.

With Venngage timeline templates, you can showcase project management success, visualize business growth, and improve fundraising opportunities.

Now you know the essentials of timeline templates.Start creating a free timeline template with Venngage!

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