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Create a Report Template for Free

Demonstrate business successes visually with a project status report template. Create weekly, monthly, and annual reports for free with Venngage.

Over 40,000 businesses use and trust Venngage to make professional report templates.

Get started with a free report template

Project Status Report Template Examples

Human Resources Weekly Status Report

Marketing Status Report Template

Why use a report template?

A project status report template is essential to business growth. A report template can be used to track successes on a weekly, quarterly or annual basis. Reports can distill information for team members and key stakeholders. Here are a few other ways to use a report template.

  • Project managers can use a report template to track project progress. A project status report is essential for project planning. They are used to maintain transparency and keep project teams aligned.
  • Teams use weekly status reports to manage upcoming tasks. A weekly status report template can help team members track their activities for the past week and plan for the coming week.
  • Nonprofits use a progress report template to visualize impact. The best way to show a project's progress is with a status report template. Nonprofits use reports to show successful fundraising efforts and to build trust with potential donors.

You don't need to spend hours designing reports. A Venngage project status report template includes all the essential elements, including an executive summary, milestone sections, and a summary section. Easily customize pages and elements to reflect your project status.

What should a report template include?


A report template is a way to communicate budget status, marketing strategies, and planned activities with project stakeholders. Most status reports include charts, bullet points, illustrations, and icons. You can adapt any Venngage progress report template for your business by following these steps.


A project status report template includes a title page with the name of the project or report, the name of the company and the client's company, as well as the date the status report is delivered. Reports also include a table of contents for each section.


A project status report, annual report, or weekly status report template should include an introduction and executive summary. These pages present the report's purpose, the issues addressed, the solutions provided, as well as the methodology used.


More sections in the report template are dedicated to important details about the business problem or project goal. Recommendations for next steps complete the report, with a conclusion that acts as a summary of the report's findings.



A project status report template is a visual way to share updates about the project schedule. Business reports highlight wins achieved over the quarter or year. To make this information easy to understand, use headers, images, icons, and charts and graphs so the data is more memorable.

How do you create a report template for free?

You can create simple project status reports in Word or a Google document. But to keep readers engaged, a report template that has clearly demarcated sections is a better idea. Venngage provides a library of templates that are visually appealing and easy to customize. Here are the best practices for creating a report template for various business purposes.

  • Choose a report template layout. Depending on the type of report you are trying to create, choose a suitable layout. A weekly status report template is very different from a project status template, so define the report's goal before picking the template. Then, organize the information you want to include in the report.
  • Customize the project status report template. Once you've chosen your report template, begin adapting it for your information. You can leave the placeholder text in the report template till you have added your information. Then start writing your headings and subheadings. Gather your data and add charts to visualize them in the report.
  • Brand your report template. Add your brand logo, colors, and fonts using Venngage's My Brand Kit feature, available with a Venngage Business account.

How do you create a report template with Venngage?

Share your project status report template online, or upgrade to a Venngage Business account to download the report as PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, and as a PowerPoint presentation.

The Venngage report template library makes it easy to design reports. Sign up for a free account and access a host of templates to visualize your weekly activities, annual business successes, and project status.

Begin customizing your report template in the simple drag-and-drop editor. Change the text, swap out photos, illustrations, and icons, or add charts and diagrams to make your report easier to follow.

The Venngage editor includes numerous font styles, free stock photos, the ability to upload your own images, 40,000+ icons, as well as charts and graphs, so you can create a comprehensive report template that reflects your progress.

What type of status report templates does Venngage offer?

Customize Venngage report templates for a variety of business uses, including these categories:

Activity report template

Annual report template

Improve efficiency with a weekly report where team members can monitor their daily activities and tasks completed.

Reflect on the successes of the past year and pinpoint where your business still needs to improve with a Venngage annual report.

Project status report template

Budget report template

Communicate updates in a project progress report template so you can manage tasks that are pending or accomplished.

Get a birds-eye view of your budget status and stay on track with business and project expenses on an annual or quarterly basis.

Nonprofit report template

Sales report template

Use a Venngage report template to illustrate the positive impact your nonprofit has had on the community and win over donors.

Create sales forecasts that help your business thrive with a weekly or monthly progress report template tracking sales goals.

Marketing report template

Consulting report template

Be transparent with clients about results achieved, budget spent, and potential risks with a consulting report template.

Build better marketing campaigns by reporting metrics on SEO, traffic, leads generated, and conversions in a marketing report template.

Human resources report

Manage employee activity to better evaluate team members with an HR report template that is visual and easy to follow.

With Venngage’s customizable report templates, branding options, free photos, and icons, businesses can design powerful reports that keep teams aligned.

FAQs about designing a report template

How do you write a report with Venngage?

With a Venngage report template, most of the work of writing a report is already done. Venngage templates include pre-determined sections, visuals, and charts. All you need to do is swap out the existing text and visuals for your own information.

Sign up for a free Venngage account, pick a project status report template for your business and start customizing the design. Once completed, you can share the report online or on your social media. You can download the report by upgrading to a Venngage Business plan.

Does Microsoft Word have a report template?

Microsoft Word does have report template examples that are bare bones and allow limited flexibility for customization.

To create a report design that will keep your audience interested and help you reach your goals, it is advisable to use a project status report template from Venngage's library.

Not only does the Venngage editor have more customization options, but the templates are much more visually appealing, which makes them easier to read. Venngage is the top choice for writing memorable reports.

Where can you get a free report template?

While numerous online tools offer free templates, Venngage has a larger variety of status reports to choose from.

The Venngage drag-and-drop editor is also easier to use for adapting a pre-designed report template for your company's needs. Plus, the free stock photo library and diverse people icons make your report more relatable.

A Venngage Business plan includes the My Brand Kit feature with gives companies the option to add their brand logos, colors, and fonts to all their designs with a single click. You can also unlock real-time team collaboration and 24/7 priority support with Venngage for Business.

With a Venngage report template, you can better track employee activities, the number of sales leads generated, and project management success.

Now you know the essentials of a report template.Start creating a free report template with Venngage!

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