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Your Free Guide to Creating an Effective Nonprofit Social Media Campaign

This eBook takes you through a step-by-step process to create a strong social media campaign for your nonprofit. It also includes templates for every step, saving you time and energy!

This Nonprofit Social Media Guide Helps You

Set up a social media campaign

Communicate strategies using visuals

Create engaging social media content

Learn how to set meaningful goals, chart a course, and track your progress closely.

Easily communicate your strategy in person or remotely using mind maps, roadmaps, infographics and more.

Access of 30+ templates to create professional, on-brand nonprofit social media posts. Perfect for non-designers.

What this Free eBook Covers

How to set up your nonprofit social media campaign

Receive a bundle of nonprofit social media templates

  1. Choose your goal(s)
  2. Analyze past campaigns
  3. Choose a strategy
  4. Decide on your messaging
  5. Lay down your roadmap
  6. Track (and share) your progress

  • Social Media Announcement Templates
  • Social Media Quote Templates
  • Social Media Awareness Templates
  • Social Media Statistic Templates
  • Social Media Infographic Templates
  • Social Media Thank You Templates
  • Nonprofit Newsletter Templates
  • Nonprofit Thank-You Newsletter Templates

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