To help leaders and communication professionals communicate effectively with their teams and customers during the rapidly evolving coronavirus crisis, Venngage’s CEO, Eugene Woo, is hosting a free webinar detailing how you can design impactful infographics that communicate change and inspire action.

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Using Infographics to Communicate Change & Inspire Action in Tough Times

Eugene Woo, CEO at Venngage

Every Wednesday | 3:00 PM ET

When change happens amidst growing uncertainties, how can you help your team be quick on the uptake? The fact is that change disrupts everything. It can leave your team confused about their goals, priorities, and even stability. In such a tough time like this, effective communication can make or break your organization.

In this live webinar, Eugene will share the methods he uses at Venngage to maintain trust and inspire action among his employees. He will also cover specific strategies for unique types of communication and essential design principles that will leave a lasting impact on your audiences. 

Don't Just Communicate Change,

Inspire Meaningful Action

Strategies for communicating different changes, from policy changes to project timelines

What You'll Learn

Infographic design principles, including best practices for communicating information in a time of crisis

Templates recommendations based on the information you’re communicating

Eugene is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for design, data visualization and software development. When he's not spending quality time with his son at his picturesque cottage, you can find him inspiring others to not give up on their dreams.

Listen to his podcast and read his interview with Foundr.com here.

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