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4 Step Content Marketing Framework For Massive Organic Traffic Growth

In this eBook we will show you how to scale up your content marketing efforts and achieve sustainable growth using the simple GRAP formula we have built at Venngage over the past few years. 

With the GRAP formula you will:

Build strong content authority

Get more high quality backlinks

Drive more organic traffic

Content authority must first be built and then maintained with new content if you want to achieve sustainable growth.

Promoting your content, the right way, is the only way you will be able to get more backlinks, traffic and customers. 

Want to achieve a certain level of organic traffic with content marketing? The GRAP framework can help.

GRAP Framework Basics



The first step in the GRAP framework is to set realistic content goals before you start creating anything.



The next part is research! If no one is searching for a keyword or topic, why create content about it? 



Building content authority around a topic will help all your content rank and be seen by a lot more people.



To scale your organic traffic, you need a system in place that will allow you to gain lots of relevant backlinks.

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